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for Prepar3D V4 and Prepar3D V5
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Performance & economy.

The original Lear set the standard for business jet excellence and although newer rivals have now outpaced it in many areas, none has managed to combine performance and economy as well as the Lear60XR does.

The Lear 60XR sports two FADEC controlled Pratt & Whitney Canada PW305A turbo fans rated at 4,600 lb thrust each. It has a maximum range of over 2,400 nm, service ceiling of 51,000 ft and max high cruise of 466kts.

Key Features

HyperSim - A simulation like no other.

The Milviz Lear 60XR Lear features the only fully functional emulation of the Collins Proline21 available in an entertainment sim. It works exactly the same as a real Proline21 and is a perfect way to familiarise yourself with its systems before going on to study the real thing.

Accurate & In-Depth

Our goal is to create an immersive, true-to-life experience for any simulator pilot, regardless of experience. Choose to fly the Lear by the book, or simply jump in and fly, your choice!

The MilViz Lear 60XR features an intricately modelled, true-to-life interior and exterior, with an abundance of fine detail. All gauges, switches and controls feature smooth animation, even the buttons on yokes operate as the real ones.

Custom lighting makes night operations atmospheric and immersive, while high resolution textures with lifelike metal effects create a simulation like no other.

Our Lear 60XR goes far beyond the default simulator functionality in order to provide an accurate, realistic recreation of key characteristics and systems functionality.

The dangerous effects of icing is simulated, with serious consequences for disregarding potentially dangerous flight conditions.

And at the very core of this simulation is a carefully tuned flight model that seeks to impart the unique flight qualities of this beautiful business-jet, created with in consultation of several pilots with learjet experience.

Included WX Advantage Weather Radar

The MilViz Lear 60XR package also includes a copy of the innovative MilViz / REX WX Advantage weather radar. The presence of this weather radar unit in the panel is completely optional - you can fly with or without it! (Please note: The included WX Advantage will only function in the Lear 60XR.)

Special Features

Fully featured FMS-3000, including SID/STAR support, airway support, performance entry, LNAV and VNAV, and many extended features

Fully featured PL21, including radars, checklists, composite mode

Faithfully reproduced systems and avionics, including checklist functionality

Terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS+)

Custom RealLight night lighting, landing lights and custom effects

TrueGlass dynamic rain effects

WX Advantage Weather Radar (Prepar3D v4 and v5.1 only)

Chart viewer system

True to life turbojet emulation with accurately modelled PWC305A behaviours

High quality sound set recorded from a real 60XR

High quality external model with high resolution PBR textures

High quality internal model complete with custom 3D gauges

Stunning custom icing, with realistic de-icing boot effects

Highly detailed product manuals included

Tested and vetted by experienced Lear pilots


for Prepar3D V4 and Prepar3D V5
Contact Usfor pricing & details