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Advanced Series

The original supersonic trainer.
Now with added glass.

Glass-enhanced supersonic trainer

In use by the following:
87th FTS Laughlin AFB, AETC, AF ROTC, Columbus AFB, Edwards TPS, Randolph AFB, Sheppard AFB, USAF, Vance AFB Sparkcell, Vertex Solutions

MILVIZ Advanced Series: T-38C

for Prepar3D V4 and Prepar3D V5

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"Do you know what every USAF fighter pilot minted in the last five decades has in common? They are all T-38 Talon pilots."

-Tyler Rogoway, The Warzone


The Talon has been the mainstay of all USAF flight training for over 50 years. During this time it has proven itself reliable and economical, without sacrificing the versatility and performance necessary to prepare pilots for a wide variety of tasks. Whether you're driving a Viper, a Bone, a Warthog or a Raptor, you trained in a Talon.

The excellence of the T-38C concept was confirmed in 2002 when the Air Force decided to upgrade its Talon fleet rather than commission a brand new aircraft.

Our T-38C incorporates all these upgrades: HUD, GPS, INS (Inertial Navigation System), and TCAS as well as PMP (a propulsion modification to improve low-altitude engine thrust).

As you would expect, our simulation omits none of the sophisticated functions of the glass equipped T-38C.

Key Features

Our original rendition of the historic and beloved T-38A was a standout release. Very well received, with the stamp of approval from two real world T-38 pilots, we spared no effort in creating a near perfect rendition of the real aircraft. Hundreds of hours of testing and tuning a flight model created by a respected expert, faithful renditions of both the exterior and interior models, realistic texturing, along with a quality high definition sound set rounded out what we feel is one of our best products.

With brand new 'redux' textures, meticulously modelled avionics and the input of serving US Air Force instructor pilots, the T-38C takes that original rendition and brings it bang up to date.


We are very proud to announce our advanced version of the T-38C, significantly raising the bar on what’s possible in your simulator. This release represents one of the most accurate and detailed simulations of a military aircraft to exist within the MS Flight Simulator / P3D environment. We believe our new T-38C will bring an in-depth yet enjoyable training experience to your desktop.


Each element of the avionics upgrade functions precisely like its real-world counterpart. HUD, EED, MFD and UFCP allow you to enter and view data just like the real thing: ILS, TACAN, PPA and DTS are all simulated and functional, (including INS drift errors when not updated by the EGI)


Weapons delivery systems such as, A/A guns, A/A missiles, A/G bombs, and including Firing Evaluation Display System (FEDS), Continuously Calculated Release Point (CCRP) & Continuously Computed Impact Point (CCIP) bombing, No Drop Bomb Scoring (NDBS), Lead Computing Optical Sight (LCOS), and Enhanced Envelope Gun Sight and (EEGS ) are all included


Designed by an aerospace engineer with extensive experience in the simulation world and collaboration in other famed titles, the new T-38C features a 100% custom physics and flight dynamics engine (FDE). Aside from bringing in a new level of accuracy in terms of flight dynamics modeling, it lacks the traditional and well-known MSFS / P3D FDE limitations.

The aerodynamic model for our T-38 is based on Northrop and NASA data. It includes wind tunnel and flight test data, in addition to other technical sources. The final flight model has been corrected and validated by a real T-38C instructor pilots. The engine dynamics and performance characteristics of the twin J-85 engines are accurately represented, as well custom ground dynamics and structural modeling are included.

As a result of the accurately modeled physics, our T-38C matches the figures available for the real aircraft in terms of flight envelope, fuel consumption (range/endurance) and energy manoeuvre diagrams.


The flight control system for our T-38C is also custom created to match the real aircraft beyond what was previously capable. It includes a ‘Flap-Slab’ System (flap-horizontal tail interconnect), a simulated control stick bob weight, realistic Flight Control System limitations depending on aircraft configuration, realistic control surface response curves, and modeling of the hydraulic and electric control surface actuators.

Other custom systems include a realistically modeled nose wheel system that accurately represents the T-38’s characteristics and limitations, and Flight Control and Utility Hydraulic Systems realistically implemented including separated sub-system feed lines.


All aircraft functions and flight behaviour have been fully tested by serving US Air Force T-38C instructor pilots


A completely custom and very in-depth failure system has been created for the T-38C. The failures model affects a wide ranging array of systems, including the airframe, engines, landing gear, hydraulics, flight controls, and the Stability Augmentation System. Forced or random failures are possible, with random failure probabilities adjustable to realistic values based on actual T-38 fleet maintenance data.

Damage is also possible due to exceeding real aircraft operating limitations. Icing is another source of possible damage, with possible engine damage occurring from flight into known icing conditions without anti-ice systems active, causing ice accrued on the engine intakes detaching and being ingested by the compressor. Ice may also accrue on the airframe, causing a degradation of handling qualities and performance. Last but not least, possible bird strikes may occur based on real data for military aircraft, with damage severity and systems affected based on a probabilistic system.


Our MVAMS utility runs outside the simulator providing the means to incrementally update individual products to quickly address issues and make fixes when required, without having to have our customers download and reinstall new versions of the aircraft. This allows our customers to quickly discover and install any pending updates for their aircraft, ensuring that they are completely up-to-date with our latest fixes, changes, or technology.

360° Cockpit View


Special Features

Fully tested by USAF instructor pilots

New high quality external and internal models

New high quality 'reduxed' PBR textures

Realistic engines startup sequence

Realistic electric system including individual AC/DC/Battery buses modelling

Basic "Instructor Mode" available

Custom physics & FDE engine

Custom ground & structural dynamics

Aerodynamic model based on Northrop and NASA data

Realistic J-85 engine model

Custom Flight Control System model

High resolution paint kit

Faithfully modelled data systems and avionics

Betty audio by the first ever betty best-voice-actress, Kim Crow herself!

Faithfully modelled weapons training systems

Navigraph support
(subscription required for up to date ICAO data)

Custom failures model

Forced and random failures system

Icing effects and damage modeling

Realistic DX10/DX11 night lighting, landing lights and custom effects
(Please note, there is a bug in P3D that downgrades PBR emissive texture resolution. We are working with LM and expect them to rectify this in a future P3D release)

High quality sound set, including startups with two types of huffers

Exterior model manager to show/hide various elements

Highly detailed product operating handbook included

10 HD liveries created by 3DReach

MILVIZ Advanced Series: T-38C

for Prepar3D V4 and Prepar3D V5

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