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Advanced Series

Talon Reduxed!

In development

In use by the following:
Sheppard AFB

MILVIZ Advanced Series: T-6A

for Prepar3D V4 and Prepar3D V5
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In development

Key Features

Accurate flight model in all modes

1:1 systems fidelity

1:1 3D model accuracy

Support for VR, AR and mixed-reality.

Special Features

Engine/Fuel/Hydraulic/Pneumatic controls and displays
Air Data Computer
Standby Flight instruments
AoA Computer
Radio Management Unit
UHF Backup Unit
TCAS (NACWS or TAS. Undecided as to which will be simulated yet)
Central Warning/Caution/Advisory System
Data Recording (IDARS)
Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)

KLN-900 GPS with the following:
NAV/Super NAV pages 1 to 5
Message page
Airport/VOR/NDB/INT/Supplemental waypoint pages
Nearest Point pages including SETUP 3
Distance/Time pages
User waypoints
Flightplan generation and storage
Non precision Approach/Departure Procedures
Standard Terminal Arrival Route operations
Updateable navigation database via Navigraph or actual KLN Nav data files

Enroute and approach modes with composite display
Fault and Unusual Attitude displays
Arc, Map, Compass rose displays
Enroute and Approach Fault displays

Support for initial startup state (cold and dark/running)
Trim sensitivity adjustment
Default radio configurations including channel preset frequencies
Disabling Fuel burn for repeated pattern practice without changing weight
Default EFIS display modes
Default CDI/Heading bug position states
User waypoint and flightplan generation for KLN-900 GPS
Support for importing and exporting GPS files generated on MVAMS between computers
Shared Cockpit IP Address configurations (Undecided yet if this will be supported)

Custom Control mapping including:
Speedbrake switch
Flap lever (with special support for Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS setups)
Rudder Trim
ICS Key/Mute
Aileron/Elevator Trim
Trim Interrupt
NACWS Proximity (if NACWS simulated)
NACWS Range Select/TAS Airspace Volume Mode select
Nose Wheel Steering

MILVIZ Advanced Series: T-6A

for Prepar3D V4 and Prepar3D V5
Contact Usfor pricing & details