Meet the MILVIZ Team

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Colin Pearson

Creative Director

Colin Pearson's commitment to excellence is born from a singular ability to grasp the big picture while maintaining focus at a detailed level.

With more than three decades of experience in computer generated imagery, 3D modelling, and gaming solutions, Colin is the navigator at Milviz, scanning the horizon for pioneering solutions that close the gap between the real and the virtual.


D'André Newman

Managing Partner

D’André leads our business initiatives and is the main point of contact for Milviz clients.

20 years experience in communications and marketing within the aviation industry, uniquely positions D as the pivot point in our evaluation and execution of clients’ requirements.


Jim Stewart

Production Manager

Jim Stewart is a polymath who excels in any field to which he turns his attention.

Boasting 2 decades of production management experience, Jim oversees the civil aviation pipeline, and is also lead developer for MSFS2020 compatible products.


Oisín Little

Product Manager
Oisín has more than 3 decades experience in collaborative management environments. He has had the longest tenure at Milviz and currently runs product management providing support for both clients and development team alike.

Lea Namsavanh

Operations Manager

Lea brings her vast experience in the corporate arena to ensure the safe and efficient running of the Milviz enterprise, day-to-day and year on year..

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We pride ourselves on the accuracy and detail of what we do, not just in modeling and painting but also in gauge and systems code as well as true-to-life flight dynamics. Head on over to our FAQ page and see how we do what we do.

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